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Brewster Team Visits Brewster in Spain

Brewster Team Visits Brewster in Spain
Nancy Hughes

After three days of meetings in Madrid, Spain, a team of Brewster administrators, including Head of School Craig Gemmell, Associate Head of School Kristy Kerin, and Assistant Head of School for Global Initiatives Ricardo Carreno had the opportunity to travel with Board of Trustees member Art Coviello and his wife Kathy to the city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. Yes, the city’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a draw for them, but what really compelled them to make this journey was the chance to visit with the Brewster students studying in Santiago de Compostela for the fall trimester. The contingent of Brewster adults arrived in Santiago early in the afternoon and were dropped off in the main plaza of this medieval city. As they unloaded their luggage from their taxi, they watched as several groups of pilgrims entered the square in their final steps of the Camino Real, a famous pilgrimage completed by nearly 400,000 people every year. From there, the Brewster team made the short walk to a stunning, 500-year-old monastery where the Brewster students take classes. During their visit, Craig Gemmell was able to catch up with three students—Reid Demain, Blaise Bartell, and Reese Richmond—to hear about the students’ first few weeks in this magical city. 

In this edition of “Diverse Thinkers” podcast, Reid, Blaise, and Reese share their stories about living and learning together in this unique European city. I invite you to listen the cheerful, animated voices of these students as they reflect on their early experiences in Spain—what they've learned about their home in Santiago and about themselves in the process. 

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