Special Announcement at the Fall Curvey Scholar Family Reception

Special Announcement at the Fall Curvey Scholar Family Reception
Suzanne Morrissey

Each year members of the Brewster community gather with James C. Curvey and his family to celebrate the scholarship program they have expanded through the years and the Curvey Scholars who benefit from it so immensely. Recently, about 40 people gathered for the 2022 Fall Curvey Scholar Family Reception in the Pinckney Boathouse. 

Head of School Kristy Kerin welcomed Scholars and their families, Mr. and Mrs. Curvey, Scott and Rebecca Curvey, and special visitors from Villanova University—Ivy Karolyi, the James C. Curvey Assistant Director of Endowed Scholarship Services, and Andrew Halstead, Assistant Director in the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

The Curvey Scholar Program has provided life-changing opportunities to Lakes Region students since 2009: First, through scholarships to attend Brewster, then through fellowships that offer travel experience. Most recently Mr. Curvey added another layer to his legacy: scholarships to attend Villanova, Mr. Curvey’s alma mater. As Kerin noted, this is a model of giving that impacts the trajectory of local students’ lives, and we can see the results demonstrated by the achievements of Curvey Scholar graduates. In fact, Lynne Palmer, the James C. Curvey Endowed Program Director, made an announcement that on June 2, 2023 there will be a special event to celebrate 10 years of Curvey Scholars graduating from Brewster!

Curvey Scholars and seniors Abby Jarvis of Gilford, N.H., Andy do Carmo of Wolfeboro, and Tyler Rizzitano also of Gilford spoke at the Reception about their appreciation of the Curvey family. They also reflected on their personal path through two years of the COVID pandemic. They recognized that being able to attend Brewster during that time gave them a chance to actively participate in their education.

Then all the current Curvey Scholars introduced themselves and added their personal words of gratitude for the Curveys. Their benefactor shared his thanks for their warmth and attendance—and noted the extraordinary partnership between Brewster and Villanova. Mr. Curvey also remarked on how much personal growth and achievement he has witnessed in the Curvey Scholars in both communities before responding to student questions to close the evening.

You can read more about Mr. Curvey, his incredible career, and how his passion for hard work and access to education has shaped his commitment to Brewster here

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