Welcome Back, Bobcats! 

Welcome Back, Bobcats! 
Kristy Kerin

A break is nice, but the silence on campus can be deafening. I miss the sounds of community life that are so central to the landscape of Brewster, and I am more than ready to welcome everyone back after what was hopefully a time of rejuvenation. I imagine our students spent the break in a myriad of ways and locations, and I am eager to hear the stories from our time apart —and about the books you read, the movies you watched (Avatar was incredible!) and the favorite foods and meals you enjoyed with loved ones.

I’m also excited to catch up on the excursions our students embarked on over the past weeks as part of the extended Brewster experiences available to them. I want to hear from our ninth graders who recently returned from their 11-day immersion trip to Cádiz, Spain, and learn about how their adventures have deepened their understanding of the world and of themselves. I Iook forward to debriefing with our Global Scholars students regarding their recent visit to the United Nations in New York City and hear what they learned about influencing change on a local and global level. And I’m waiting with, admittedly, a touch of jealous anticipation to hear from students on our spring break training trips to see how our Girls’ and Boys’ athletic teams in warmer climes prepared for the start of their spring seasons. I think I speak for all when I say I’m ready to cheer them on this spring!

But what I look forward to most is to see what our students and faculty will make of the spring term. This time of year is always special in Wolfeboro. Students will return to a campus that is still blanketed in fresh snow, knowing that each day, the temperatures will grow warmer, the grass will emerge turning our fields greener, the ice on the lake will recede and disappear, and days will become longer—offering us those special spring days and evenings that invite the community to remain outdoors, taking advantage of opportunities for connection and celebration in a location like no other. So begins our final trimester of the year. What will we make of it together? 

Spring at Brewster is steeped in tradition and filled with special events that honor all we have accomplished as a community. While at times, it can feel like a whirlwind of activity and commitments, I encourage everyone to pace themselves and soak in all that remains in our school year. Allow the special moments together to uplift our community, using these brighter days to make new connections while also cherishing the time left with friends who may be graduating and moving on to new adventures. And of course, in this home stretch, I challenge you to keep on pursuing those goals you have set for yourselves. There is still much to do.  

As always, my door is open, (wherever that may currently be while our Ac continues its amazing renovation). Please seek me out for conversation about your path and the vision you have for our school and community. Connecting with you and partnering in this yearly cycle of education is my favorite part of this role. We are firmly in the season of growth now, and though the time away was a welcome recharge, I can’t wait to see all the ways we will grow together throughout these last months of the school year. Here’s to a wonderful spring at Brewster!