Welcome Back Bobcats: 2021-22 Messages from Student Leaders

Welcome Back Bobcats: 2021-22 Messages from Student Leaders
Katie Carey '22 and Ezra Colcord '22

From Katie Carey ’22, School Council President
There is only a short amount of time before we are all back together again on campus preparing for the best year yet! I know it has been a challenge for all of us working around COVID 19, and it has been hard to consider this past year and a half as anything close to normal, but working alongside Ezra as well as working closely with our teachers and faculty, I am confident in saying that this coming year will be one for the books (in a good way)! Whether you are returning to Brewster this year as a lifer, or stepping foot onto campus for the first time, we all have the ability to make an impact. There are so many exciting things that our school has to offer, and I cannot say enough about how ready I am for everyone, especially our new students, to experience them.

During my first visit to campus when I was timid about the thought of living away from home, I arrived and immediately felt welcomed—like I was already a part of the community. That is something that never fades at Brewster. You will never stop feeling that welcomeness, and sense of family when you are here. 

So for new and returning students, I say embrace that, and pass it on. Go to games to support the kids in your dorm, whether you know them well or not, because they’ll appreciate it and do the same for you. Build good relationships with your teachers and coaches, because everything they do at this school they do for us. And with this sense of family and togetherness, you will notice how everyone wants to help each other become the best version of themselves. So join a new club, or try out for a sports team. Spend your Saturday nights out on the turf listening to music and playing World Cup with all of your friends. Don’t forget or take for granted that we are lucky to be here and experiencing a normal school life compared to others across the country and the world today, with the pandemic still going on. If COVID has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen at any time. So make the most of each day as a Brewster Bobcat, because whether you are a freshman or a senior, time flies. In a blink of an eye, you will find yourself getting ready for your last sleepover with your dormmates before walking across that stage to receive your diploma. So take it all in, and make the most of every moment here on campus, big or small, because as your President this year, I can assure you the fun is just beginning!

See you all soon!

From Ezra Colcord ’22, School Council Vice President
Hello, all new and returning students! My name is Ezra Colcord and I am the Vice President of Brewster’s School Council for the 2021-2022 school year. I am thrilled to get back onto campus shortly and see all of my returning classmates, meet all of our new students, and hopefully get them excited about the year ahead of all of us. And I am really excited about the brand new Rogers building! Although it might not be fully complete by the time we arrive on campus, part of the building will be available for us to mingle and create new relationships this fall—it will allow students endless opportunities to bond with each other and to grow the strong community that we have created. My hope for this year is to create a positive environment that parents and other community members notice as soon as they step foot onto our campus. For this year to be special and unlike any other, it begins with the student body coming together and collaborating effectively. I need everyone to bring all their energy and effort to support one another during the special moments that we share. Whether it's getting involved with a club…or trying a new sport or activity that you might find yourself enjoying. It might be just getting outside on the turf kicking or throwing a ball around. Or exploring one of the many restaurants and shops in downtown Wolfeboro. However you get involved in the community, remember to cherish the outstanding moments and take in all of what Brewster provides. Embrace the opportunities that are given, because everyone who has been here before us says time flies, and it does. So make sure to grow, learn, and seize every moment, as it will go by in a flash. Looking forward to seeing you all, and make sure to follow all the COVID policies so we can go back to somewhat normal times.

See you soon,


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