A Campus Like no Other

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Kristy Kerin


Brewster's campus is like none other. Set in the historic summer resort town of Wolfeboro, on the picturesque shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, with a mixture of bold academic buildings and traditional New England houses, the setting is truly unique. 

In order to activate the full potential of Brewster's special location, the Academy has undertaken a campus planning effort with DSK Architects that is designed to engage our campus environs, optimize our program performance, shape the campus community, and deepen our relationship with the town of Wolfeboro.

In January 2019, the Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed a vision for campus planning that includes opportunities for short term, medium, and long term interventions. In addition to capital building initiatives like the Reimagine Rogers and Develop South Campus projects, the campus planning work also calls for more targeted interventions to better align our vehicular and pedestrian circulation, reduce pavement, and increase green space and views to the lake. 

Unrestricted gifts to the Fund for Brewster will help fuel these campus investments.