Diverse Thinkers

Welcome to our podcast series: Diverse Thinkers. Our topics are focused on mission and vision related stories and experiences happening at Brewster and from the viewpoint of our alumni, parents, and friends from the road. If you have questions or comments about our podcasts, please send an email to: communications@brewsteracademy.org


challenging conversations across our differences - october 2020
In his latest Diverse Thinkers podcast, Craig Gemmell sat down with Sydney Caldwell ’21, Lara Given ’21, Jack Miller ’21, and Zaire Wade ’21 for a personal discussion about connection and civil discourse in challenging times. 


on bagpipes, pilgrims, and getting lost on purpose - October 2019
In this edition of "Diverse Thinkers" podcast, Head of School Craig Gemmell catches up with three students who are living and studying in northwestern Spain this fall. Please listen to hear directly from the students about their Brewster Global experience.


recognizing challenge and promise - OCTOBER 2019
In this episode of "Diverse Thinkers," Head of School Craig Gemmell talks with educator and thought leader, Rosetta Lee, from the Seattle Girls School, about the challenges and promise of doing diversity, equity, and inclusion work at independent schools. 


Honoring diversity and emotions through music - May, 2019
In the most recent episode of “Diverse Thinkers” podcast, Head of School Craig Gemmell talks with the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and performer Gregory Douglass ’99 about following one’s passion, serendipitous timing, the importance of diversity, and music as “light work."



In this episode of Diverse Thinkers podcast, Head of School Craig Gemmell connects with A.J. Brustein '98 and Yong Kim '96 to talk about Wonolo, their thriving start-up, the serendipity of their collaboration, and the importance of remaining flexible and humble in business and life.


from the microcosm of brewster to Hollywood - February 22, 2019

Head of School, Craig Gemmell, met with Topher Grace ’97 in this Diverse Thinkers podcast to talk about his career in Hollywood, Brewster’s influence on his trajectory, and his role in Spike Lee’s Oscar-nominated BlacKkKlansman.


inspiring Lives of purpose - February 18, 2019
In this episode of Diverse Thinkers, Craig travels to Manchester, New Hampshire to talk with Michele Talwani '89 and Maureen Beauregard of Families in Transition/ New Horizons about their work to end homelessness in New Hampshire, the importance of living in community with others, and their emerging partnership with Brewster.


AN OPEN LENS - november 16, 2018
Craig takes Diverse Thinkers on the road to California where he speaks with Mo Fallon '94, Emmy award winning producer and cinematographer for Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown series on CNN. Craig and Mo discuss the power of storytelling, mentorship, and the importance of traveling with your eyes and heart open to the world.


sense of place - november 1, 2018
Our second Diverse Thinkers podcast brings GALA (Global Awareness Local Action) founder Josh Arnold '01 to campus to reflect on his path since Brewster and the goals that his organization has to promote active community engagement.

AWARENESS - October 5, 2018
Diverse Thinkers commences with a conversation between Craig and senior prefects, Ella Roberge and Zac Bennett. Zac and Ella talk about the emerging culture at Brewster from the student perspective and how the themes for the past three years have played a role in their experiences and now in their leadership. Hear how two students who came from a small public school down the road embraced diversity at Brewster, developed their own self awareness and shared the journey together.