Reopening Campus

September 27, 2020

Dear Brewster Community,

I am happy to report that we’ve received the results of the PCR tests we conducted this week and all tests have come back negative for COVID-19. We’ve worked throughout the weekend with New Hampshire Health and Human Services to determine what this means for members of our community who have been quarantined. Due to the initial positive antigen test (rapid test), DHHS will continue to treat the situation as if it were a positive case. This means that those who have been quarantined will need to complete their 14-day quarantine before returning to normal campus activities. 

This news will be very disappointing for some among our community and I ask that we continue to do all we can to support one another however possible, even virtually from afar. 

I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to the faculty and staff responsible for responding to the events this week, in particular our exceptional health center team led by our Director of Student Health Services, Carrie MacDonald. I’d also like to thank our students and families for their partnership, patience, and care for one another. 

Our community and our reopening planning has been tested this week, and I was incredibly proud that as we worked together to respond to circumstances that are new for each of us, we did so with strong communication and a commitment to one another and to our broader community. We will debrief this week’s events fully to understand what can be learned to continue to strengthen our plans and procedures.

I want to remind everyone that we must continue to make every effort to adhere to the Brewster Covenant. The first several weeks of school have been full of joy, growth and learning; by working together, we can continue to make the most of the Brewster experience.

Thank you, and all good wishes,


Reopen Campus Strategy Team Contact Information

Craig Gemmell
Head of School
Phone: 603-569-7102

Kristy Kerin
Associate Head of School
Phone: 603-569-7173

Bret Barnett
Assistant Head of School, Campus Affairs 

Raylene Davis 
Assistant Head of School, Academic Program

Jonathan Fouser
Director of Summer Programs

Peter Gilligan
Chief Operations Officer

Susan Harrington
Chief Financial Officer

Carrie MacDonald BSN, RN
Director of Student Health Services 

Nick Wilbur
Director of Admission


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