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The BASS Experience

You’re on a rock face, suspended halfway between solid ground and the safety of the top. Your instructor is guiding your decision-making and your friends are cheering you on and belaying you.

What matters most at that moment?

Well, a lot of things – grit, determination, and strength for starters. But just as important are preparation, training, safety procedures, equipment, and back-up.

Now, add to these elements – teamwork, diligence, planning, and initiative and you have the keys to a happy and successful life.

While having more fun in school than you may think possible, you will learn how to approach challenges with care and intelligence, not only in rock climbing, but also in a variety of other activities. You will kayak on crystal-clear New England lakes and rivers and at the Atlantic Ocean; paddle a canoe and tame exciting white water on the Androscoggin River; hike, backpack, plunge into an ice-cold pool, climb Mount Washington, and camp in the White Mountains.

This is what you can look forward to during your Adventure Recreation block at BASS.

Program and Course Descriptions



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