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200 Women and Our Shared Humanity

Brewster is bringing two incredible events to Wolfeboro, and everyone is welcome to partake, attend, enjoy, and learn. The 200 Women Photography Exhibition and Our Shared Humanity Speaker Series.

Welcome Back to the Rogers Building

The newly reimagined and renovated Rogers Building has opened its doors to our students and community. This ongoing project is already changing campus life for the better, providing students a place to connect with the arts, technology, and each other.

The Campaign for Brewster

In support of Brewster’s mission and vision, on the threshold of our third century as an institution, we have launched a historic campaign to dramatically scale our influence. The impact of this campaign will be felt in ever-widening circles spreading from the work we do in our classrooms and on our campus to Wolfeboro and New Hampshire and the world beyond.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Chair of the Board of Trustees Roy Ballentine announces an evolution in leadership further strengthening the vision and mission of Brewster Academy. Learn more about the state of the Academy and the exciting promotion and collective oversight of Craig Gemmell and Kristy Kerin.

Great Minds Don't Think Alike

We educate all learners equally and we believe that teaching and learning should be about you – your strengths, your weaknesses and your possibilities. All students understand their own potential and are empowered to achieve by being inclusive of everyone’s unique talents.

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Beyond Brewster

Our Voices Pop Container - One

Guinevere Hilton

Faculty Voices
Because of the community at Brewster and the collaboration and safety students feel with each other, students are able to thrive on stage. 

Guinevere’s goal as a teacher is to help students hone their craft, expand their knowledge, and experience a different aspect of themselves in the process. All within a culture that empowers students to seek out new challenges and embrace working with others. 

Team Skelley | Fine and Performing Arts Chair
B.F.A, Theater, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

TJ Palmer

Faculty Voices
I want my class to be challenging. Not boring and not overwhelming!

Teaching U.S. History for thirty years at Brewster, you would expect TJ’s classes to be a little stale. Not a chance when you have a dynamic teacher who knows where to push, when to engage and how to facilitate learning at the optimal level.
Team Palmer | Team Leader | History Faculty
B.A., Colby College
MALS/Cold War History, Dartmouth College

Michelle Rafalowski-Houseman

Faculty Voices
I had 16 years teaching in the public school system and now I can't imagine teaching without the team approach.

The team-based approach at Brewster is the foundation of our integrated, student-centered approach. Kids don't fall through the cracks – they have a built-in support system to make sure they have all they need to be successful.

Team Cook | Science Faculty | Director, NH Student Leadership Program
Master of Science Education, University of New Hampshire
B.S., Biology Education, Plymouth State University

Rob O'Blenis

Faculty Voices
We teach kids what it means to live in the world after they leave Brewster.

Rob’s sense of humor and approachable personality makes him the perfect match for his roles at Brewster – teacher, community living parent, and coach. He is a champion for educating the whole child and a faculty leader in our Social and Emotional Learning program.

Team Cooper | History Faculty
B.A., History, University of New Hampshire

Our Voices Pop Container - Two

Kristy Kerin

Head of School
As Head of School, I want to make sure we are doing everything possible to activate learning for kids in ways that they will find great joy.

Kristy Kerin has been an integral leader of the Brewster community for more than ten years. Her strategic approach to institutional advancement has strengthened the health of the school, helped navigate unprecedented challenges, and primed Brewster for transformational influence in its third century.

Craig Gemmell

President of Brewster Academy and BA International
It is an incredible moment in the 200-plus year history of this institution—and I hope you share my excitement as we lean in together and watch this bold vision become a reality.

During his time with Brewster, Craig Gemmell has brought focus to the school’s mission and vision—and seized the opportunity to spotlight the transformative work we do with students. In his role as President of Brewster and BA International, Craig focuses on implementing Brewster’s bold plan to augment the independent school business model, collaborating with the Head of School and Board of Trustees to shape the future of Brewster Academy.

Our Voices Pop Container - Three

Kaya Beland

Student Voices
Brewster as a student body is so accepting ... every single person is accepted for all their different attributes.

Kaya is a day student who is a lifer (four year student). A Curvey Scholar, Head Senior Prefect, and National Honor Society member, Kaya has been an active member of the Brewster community providing thoughtful and authentic leadership.

Trevor McLean

Student Voices
I've made a lot of relationships with the faculty here ... having friends that you can trust that are older have meant the world to me.

Trevor refers to faculty as friends and describes how easy and comfortable it is to seek advice and guidance from them. Sometimes trust and guidance can come from the other adults in your life at boarding school!

Maura McDonald

Student Voices
I love the community here, I love the teachers here. I love the fact that if you ask, someone will give you help ... I learned to care about my education for myself.

Maura came to Brewster in her freshman year. Her language based learning challenges have not held her back from academic success. She has learned the skills of self advocacy, the power of relationships, and the confidence in her own capacity.

Our Voices Pop Container - Four

Darryl Towns and Karen Boykin-Towns

Parent Voices
Brewster is able to cater to each student on an individual level. It's like the Goldilocks story ... Brewster was just right.

The Towns family started their Brewster journey with daughter, Jasmine ’13. Two years later, Trinity followed in her footsteps. Different people, unique passions and interest – how was one school the right fit for both?

David Hill

Parent Voices
I have no doubt that when she leaves Brewster she'll be ready to take on the world.

The Hill family is no stranger to boarding school but came a long way from the West Coast to find the right fit! It’s not easy choosing the boarding path but watching their daughter's confidence grow has shown them it was the right choice.

Robin Bass

Parent Voices
Brewster is the way education should be. They are leading in what's going on in the world and challenging our kids to learn and communicate.

Robin’s son, Matt, is doing well in the real world of college because he experienced it at Brewster. He found his confidence, learned how to balance the expectation, and is a thriving student athlete at Colby College.

Al DiVirgilio

Parent Voices
If you are looking for a place where your child can be themselves and thrive, this is the place.

Finding a nurturing community where Abbie could be herself and grow without the typical distractions at home. A place that encouraged excellence and developed well rounded students capable of seizing greater opportunities in college and life.

Our Voices Pop Container - Five

Hadley Clark '91

Alumni Voices
Brewster was profound in building my confidence and the biggest factor in my life in terms of following the path I have today.

Hadley appreciated that Brewster was a truly personalized education. It wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and that allowed each student to master content and skills and gain the confidence to thrive broadly in life. 

Emma Jones '11

Alumni Voices
All of the people here are just genuine, kind people. Things have evolved in the school but at the same time the core values of Brewster haven't changed.

The core values of the personalized experience, an inclusive and close community with students of strong character has not changed at Brewster. Here Emma talks about why she loves coming back to her school.

Elaine Fancy '07

Alumni Voices
Brewster helped me focus and hone in on what I was good at!

Elaine was able to learn and apply life skills that are now supporting her professional success. She found her passion and turned that into a successful career as a freelance photographer drawing from the experiences she had at Brewster.


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