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Residential Life


Attending a boarding school is more about just living in a dorm. This is the time in your life where you’ll learn to become independent, be accountable for your actions, get along with others, make important life decisions, form lifelong relationships, and develop skills that will help make your transition to college a smooth one. But you won’t be alone—you’ll be surrounded by a community of caring people, ranging from your academic advisor to your community life parent to supportive peers.

Through daily life, group meetings, and dorm charters, students create and manage their living environment. You’ll have opportunities for growth in areas like character and integrity, as well as learning to work with others, consider other viewpoints, and communicate with a diverse range of people.

Being a boarding student helps to build independence and self-advocacy skills.

Campus Dorms


Dorms at Brewster are divided between upper (grades 11, 12, PG) and lower campus (grades 9 and 10). Community Living Parents (CLPs) are the primary contact for students and live in attached housing, along with other faculty members and their families. The dorms (and other buildings on campus) are only accessible with issued fobs with swipe access.

Rooms and Roommates


Most dorm rooms are doubles, although there are some triples and quads on campus as well. When you enroll at Brewster, you will receive a housing questionnaire that will help determine your placement with a roommate. Each room is equipped with a bed, dresser, wardrobe, and desk. And don't forget to bring your decorations! 



Yes, residential life means doing your laundry too! There are laundry facilities available on the lower level of Estabrook and there is also a laundry room in Toad Hall (shown here). Students may also use a laundry service if they prefer. E&R cleaners offers pick-up and drop-off service to the Estabrook each week. 

Downtown Wolfeboro


They call Wolfeboro the Oldest Summer Resort in America for a reason! Downtown is just steps away from campus and provides students with access to resources year round. From picking up supplies at the grocery and drug stores to shopping and eating out with friends, students always have something to do!


Take a 360° tour of Toad Hall! Click and drag on the image to move around. See our full campus 360° tour here.