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Welcome from Kristy Kerin

When I stepped onto campus 12 years ago, I knew I’d found a school and community like no other. After a decade working in higher education, I was drawn at once to the energy and merriment of the secondary school atmosphere, enhanced by the expansive beauty of our lakeside campus, and the warmth of the local community. 

The feeling of joy at Brewster is immediately palpable, and that initial impression grows deeper with time. 

At Brewster, students do not compete against each other, instead, they learn with and from one another. Here you will be respected and celebrated for who you are as a learner and for your unique talents and contributions. At the same time, you will also be challenged to work collaboratively with your classmates and teachers in Brewster’s team-based environment. As a result, you will come to better know your own approach to learning, what you value most, and the role you play in building a community. 

Faculty, too, work collaboratively in well-coordinated teams responsible for the success of every student. Your teachers, coaches, advisors, and dorm parents will be available to lend support when needed, push you to take on new challenges, and cheer for you when you experience your proudest moments. 

Our time-tested approach to learning ensures that when students leave Brewster, they do so with confidence, curiosity, creativity, and the ability to collaborate with others who think differently than they do. You will learn to value differences in others and celebrate your own unique strengths and learning styles. You will graduate with a clear understanding of what it means to live a life of purpose. 

When you visit campus, I encourage you to build in time to speak with as many members of our community as possible, to experience firsthand Brewster’s ethos of unconditional positive regard. Please let me know if you will be visiting – I would love to spend time with you!

Warm regards,

Kristy Kerin

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Please feel free to contact me at 
or by phone at (603) 569-7173.

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