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9th Grade Experience in Cádiz, Spain

All 9th graders are invited to participate in an 11-day immersion opportunity in Cádiz, Spain, considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe and surrounded almost entirely by water—and it's easy to navigate for visitors. This immersive program is designed to introduce foreign travel to Brewster students. 

The curriculum focus is language, customs, history, and the culture of Spain and Europe. Students are asked to select one cultural aspect and prepare an inquiry project focused on their interest. Students are taught in Cádiz by Brewster faculty in partnership with our peer school, K2 Internacional School.

Cádiz is linked by rail to Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada, which serve as day trips and program destinations for the two-week program. 

The skills that students will learn through global programs at Brewster will provide them with an added depth of character and confidence that cannot be taught in a classroom.cindy guttman p'21