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Scholar Programs

Brewster's Scholar Programs provide students with opportunities to pursue studies in areas of their interests and deepen passions they already have. The cohort-based structure of the programs gives additional opportunities to connect with other students, engage in meaningful activities, set goals, and reflect on them. Brewster offers an Arts Scholar Program as well as a Global Scholar Program.

The experience creates a platform for discussion of issues that the students are passionate about. Equally important, the coursework, in conjunction with other on campus and virtual pursuits, allows them to brainstorm and design solutions to a variety of problems that communities worldwide are experiencing. 

Global Scholar Program

The Global Scholar Program offers juniors, seniors, and PGs opportunities to engage in courses, experiences, and interactions that will deepen their understanding of themselves, others, and help them develop ways to act on behalf of their local and global communities. Through cohort-based experiences, participation in on- and off-campus activities, and thoughtful engagement in their coursework, students develop a greater understanding of what it means to be an engaged, informed, and empathetic citizen.

How it Works

Arts Scholar Program

The Arts Scholar Program offers students opportunities to experience various modes of artistic expression, advance visual and performing art skills, and develop and deepen their appreciation of and curiosity for art. As they engage in different courses and experiences, students develop an understanding of themselves through the exploration of their own identity as well as the perspectives and worldviews of others.


How it Works