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Study Abroad

Authentic study abroad programs in Spain are offered to all students at Brewster. They bring academic subjects to life and provide an educational framework where you will learn at the deepest level possible. While abroad, you will engage in location-specific classes and curriculum as well as maintain progress in your on-campus classes with the support of Brewster faculty traveling with you—all while exploring beautiful, historic locations as a local, not a tourist. 

Upon your return to campus, you will share your experience, adventures, and achieved objectives with your classmates and faculty through collective presentations with the Brewster community. You will be putting to use the life skills and knowledge that you developed during your global experience.

Requirements to participate include a sense of adventure, an openness to embrace new things, your best self, and a willingness to stretch your views beyond what you already know about the world and your place in it. (Spanish language skills are not a prerequisite.)