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English Language Learning

The English Language Learning (ELL) program at Brewster Academy integrates listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking, content instruction, and language instruction. Cultural heritage and previous language experience of the international students are celebrated as resources in our multidimensional and thematic program. Three levels of support are provided: Comprehensive Language Program (CLP), Language Assistance Program (LAP), and enrollment in core classes with an instructional support plan or Language Study Skills (LSS), which is provided in conjunction with the 10th grade curriculum.

Tests administered in the ELL program include:

  • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • SLEP: Secondary Language English Proficiency/Test
  • TWE: Test of Written English

Comprehensive Language Program

The Comprehensive Language Program consists of three courses:

CLP Language - In this course students begin with establishing the basics. Themes covered are grammar basics, paragraph writing, newspaper reading and writing skills, American short stories, and an introduction to scientific writing skills. While all macro-skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are covered, the focus in the language course is toward writing and reading with the goal of stepping closer to managing work in mainstream classes.

CLP Culture
- This course provides students with skills to cope in the U.S. high school system here in New England. The themes covered are campus life at Brewster Academy, math word problems, New England states, American holidays, food, and an introduction to U.S. history. Reading and oral presentation skills are practiced in this course as well.

CLP Communication
- As students at this level have little experience or practice with speaking English, this course begins with a focus on speaking and listening. Practical themes such as introductions, directions, interviewing, and presenting speeches are covered. As the year progresses, students move toward a writing focus with themes such as letter writing and travel.

Language Assistance Program

The Language Assistance Program (LAP) consists of two courses:

LAP Language - This course provides a bridge to mainstream English courses. The themes are essay writing skills, a study of the Civil Rights Movement, biographical research and essay writing, fairytales, and analytical reading of the American novel, The Outsiders. Throughout the year, reading and writing skills are central to the content covered.

LAP Culture - This course is designed to increase the students’ exposure to topics relating to American culture. The themes of the course are American values, geography, global issues, mass media, and the U.S. education system. Students work on reading for research, writing reports, and creating presentations using a variety of media.

Language Study Skills

Students following the 10th grade curriculum for mainstream English and history are enrolled in the LSS course, which meets four lessons a week. The focus of this class is on developing the student’s English language skills further while giving them strategies to increase participation in their mainstream classrooms. Students also begin to learn test-taking skills to prepare them for the TOEFL and entrance into college.

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My teachers always took good care of me in class, introduced me to new friends, and offered lots of opportunities for me to step out from my comfort zone, and enjoy my time with everyone. Rew Karkhai '18