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Welcome to Brewster and thank you for sharing your students with us! It is our priority to keep Brewster parents connected to campus life and to your child and his or her progress while at Brewster.

There are many ways you can be involved as a Brewster parent, whether you live down the street, in another state, or even in another country (Parents have even travelled from China to host an authentic Chinese New Year celebration that students talked about long after the lunar New Year began!). The community welcomes your involvement.

Whether you get to visit campus often or not, here's how we keep our parents connected to the busy lives of their students during the school year.

Student Weeklies – every Friday students write a short reflection of their week, which includes that week’s grades, BMP Record, their Best Self Goals, and “This Week in My Life”. This writing offers students a way to reflect on, and take ownership for, their overall performance at Brewster, which is an important first step toward growth and development.

Student Progress Reports – grades, recognition scores, and teacher comments are available six times a year.

On-Campus – Throughout the year we host a Fall Family Weekend and a Spring Student Showcase. We even have a special day (usually in September) for our grandparents.

Off-Campus – And, sometimes we bring Brewster to you via receptions throughout the country (actually, throughout the world) to offer parents and prospective parents and students an opportunity to get to know the Brewster family and the Brewster program. Host cities and towns change from year to year.