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When do I find out my roommate?

Submitting your roommate selection form is just the first step in the process. Making sure this is done is essential. Nevertheless, as changes are made right up through the opening of school, dorm and room assignments are first released at registration. If you have special needs or concerns, please reach out to the Director of Residential Life directly.

How do I do laundry if I do not purchase E&R Laundry service?

E&R is not the only way to get your laundry done on campus. There are washers/dryers available in the basement of the Estabrook Dining Hall for use by all. The system requires a $5 bill to get the initial laundry card and then you can fill that card however you’d like using their website.

Information about E&R laundry service

What should I do for banking?

There are two banks close to campus - Citizens Bank and TD Bank. It is easy to open an account with either bank during orientation or even before you come to campus. While some parents opt to regularly replenish their student’s deposit account with the Business Office, this fund can only be used for on-campus purchases.

What happens if I bring an item on the “do not bring” list?

The majority of the items on the “do not bring list” are there because they pose a safety concern of some kind and/or are not conducive to the learning/living environs of the dorm. Should you need to bring something on the “do not bring” list please reach out to the Director of Residence Life directly. If you mistakenly bring an item from the list, hand it in to your dorm parent, and they will allow you to take it home over break.

What is the Academic Dress Code?

Brewster Academy believes in maintaining an atmosphere where a sense of pride and developing self-discipline and personal strengths are reflected in the dress code. The academic dress code celebrates a respect for learning and is also an important expression and recognition of the Brewster Pillars.

Academic Dress
Dress pants, corduroy pants, khakis, or capris; all pants must have pockets and zippers;
Dresses (not strapless), skirts, shorts (all within fingertip length);
Collared, tucked-in, button-down dress shirt (not polo shirt) with only top button undone, or turtleneck worn with a belt;
Blouse (dress top that is not a polo, T-shirt or other athletic garment); 
Sweaters with dress code top underneath;
Appropriate footwear (dress shoes, boots, athletics shoes or sandals in excellent condition)
Leggings/tights only to be worn with dress or skirt;
All clothing should be free of writing and should not promote inappropriate behavior.

Other Imperatives
No hats, sunglasses, or headphones;
Hair must be a uniform, natural color;
Students are expected to be clean shaven at all times unless an exemption is granted;
No exposed pierced jewelry other than in the ear without permission;
No exposed skin (e.g. midriff, strapless, backless);
No denim of any kind, color, or resemblance;
Considerations for other types of exposed jewelry and/or medical and religious exemptions from the shaving policy should be directed to the lower or upper school dean.

Formal Dress
Required for some formal meals, award assemblies, and other occasions throughout the year
Option 1
Blazer with dress pants and a belt, button-down collared dress shirt with tie;
Option 2
Dress or skirt of fingertip length, with a shawl or cardigan;
Option 3
Dress slacks with dress blouse;
Option 4
Formal attire representing a student’s international and/or cultural identity

Spirit Dress
Every Wednesday and Saturday
Dress slacks: corduroy, khakis, no jeans or sweatpants;
Dress shorts or skirts (all within fingertip length);
A prominently displayed, Brewster Academy top (no tank tops).

What if I miss a meal?

There are ample food options in town and a few even deliver directly to campus. Try the steak and cheese from Huck’s or the chicken finger sub from Three Sister’s. Decide which of the five pizza places in town is best or place an order with West Lake, and sushi could be at your fingertips in minutes.

What types of religious services are in town?

There are a number of various Christian services within walking distance. The Catholic church is about 10 minutes away, the nearest synagogue is about 45 minutes away and the nearest mosque is about an hour away. If you are interested in attending services regularly and/or would like to attend for major holidays, reach out to the Weekend Activities Coordinator, and they will be sure to get you there.

What types of shops, restaurants, and services are available in Wolfeboro?

For a listing of shops, restaurants, and services in Wolfeboro, click here

What if I get sick?

Our Health Center is top notch and right on campus. If you happen to wake up sick in the morning or are feeling under the weather in general, dress for school and report to the health center before the start of your first class.  If you wake in the middle of night ill, please contact your dorm parent for support.

Quality nurses staff the center throughout the day and evening and are on-call throughout the night to care for students who are ill and in need of overnight monitoring and TLC. Our Medical Director and his colleagues from Wolfeboro Pediatrics (located one block away) hold office hours at the Health Center three days a week for evaluation of acute illness or injury as well as for management of chronic medical or mental health conditions and are available 24/7 for consultation.  For more pressing medical emergencies, Huggins Hospital is one block away.

Can I bring/acquire a pet?

While many have tried, sadly, pets of any kind are not allowed (including fish). Rest assured, there are plenty of faculty dogs and cats around for pet lovers. Allergic to pets? Do not fret – pets are not allowed in any campus buildings including public dorm spaces and student rooms.

What if I forget to bring toiletries?

Rite Aid is about a five-minute walk downtown and there are two grocery stores close by as well in case you want to bargain hunt. If you cannot make it down to the store, ask your roommate or dorm parent to borrow what you may need until you have a chance to stock up.

What is there to do on the weekends?

From on campus activities to off, every weekend offers an array of opportunities. Nearly every weekend features a service activity, a movie/mall trip, a chance to take advantage of our location (lake, mountains, etc) and other seasonal excursions like haunted hay rides, corn mazes, ski trips, and water parks. On campus, a number of students choose to stick around for game shows, coffee houses, dodgeball events, and all sorts of other fun.


Director of Residential Life
Maureen Edmonds

Student Activities Coordinator
Allie Cooper