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Volunteer Opportunities

We have always believed that a well informed and connected parent is better for the school and the full family experience. For a boarding parent, being away from your child's daily experience does not mean that you can't be involved in the school community. There are ways for you to volunteer time whether it's through an athletic team by providing snacks after a game, making contact with a prospective parent through our admissions team, helping to raise money for the essential projects that tuition doesn't support, hosting a school event or countless other ways to be engaged. We welcome your participation and look forward to helping you find your volunteer opportunity!

Parents' Committee

The Parents' Committee is made up of current parents who volunteer their time and commitment to support the offices of Admission and Advancement in the successful attainment of their annual goals. This group of current parents will work together with the chair, and the director of parents programs to facilitate parent relations, communication, fundraising, and special events as directed by the administration.

The committee will focus on three areas this year:

  • Cultivating prospective families, schools, and referral sources;
  • Promoting strategic planning through attendance at school events and multiple avenues of communication; and
  • Helping families become more connected to Brewster and raise awareness of and increase participation in The Fund for Brewster.

We welcome your assistance and appreciate your help in continuing to make Brewster a special place.

Parents' Committee Members

Class of 2019 Volunteers

Tiffany and Andy Lang (Emily)
Andy: 214-395-0236
Tiffany: 214-621-9839
Paul Laviolette and Lucille Rossignol (Kate '16, John)
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts
Paul: 508-735-4358
Lucille: 781-267-3306

Stephen and Tess Murphy (Catie)
Northborough, Massachusetts
Stephen: 978-761-5525
Tess: 508-314-0327

Keith and Tobi VanOrden (Olivia “Liv”)
Concord, Massachusetts
Tobi VanOrden: 617-620-4613
Keith: 617-699-4453

John and Elaine Ventola (Mia)

Class of 2020 Volunteers

David and Joan Hill (Sarah)
Pacific Palisades, California
Laurie McTeague (Graham)
Boston, Massachusetts
Kim Thornton (Alexa)
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Parent Admissions Network

The mission of Brewster's Parent Admissions Network (PAN) is to support the efforts of the Office of Admission by engaging the talents and energies of parents who are interested in Brewster's effort to enroll outstanding students. The Parent Admissions Network helps the school by working with prospective families in a range of environments including personal interviews, school fairs, and receptions. The primary function of the PAN volunteer is to serve as a representative of Brewster and to promote awareness of the school.

PAN members find their work in the area of student recruitment to be some of their most rewarding service to and involvement with Brewster. PAN provides parent volunteers the opportunity to have an impact on the shape of Brewster by influencing which students comprise our annual enrollment.

Our objective is to develop a positive relationship with all prospective Brewster families. We know that parent-to-prospective parent contact has influenced many families regarding their school choice. Prospective families, parents, and students alike, greatly value the opportunity to learn about Brewster through contact with a current parent.

Parents are perceived to be highly credible, objective, and excellent sources of up-to-date information about the Academy. PAN members are regularly sent post cards with names, addresses, and phone numbers of prospective families who have already visited Brewster for a tour and interview. We find that a follow-up call from a current parent who lives in their geographical area helps to answer those unanswered questions, prompts action, or helps to make a decision about the next step. Parents of alumni also are welcome to join PAN.

For more information about how to get involved with PAN, please contact Margaret Martin in the Admission Office at 603-569-7200.


Take a group of students off campus for a dinner, an afternoon of apple picking, a hike, a fishing trip, or a day of skiing; host a dinner for a sports team or a club; or deliver (or have delivered) a special snack or meal for a group during a crunch time. For ideas, contact Adrienne Wilbur, coordinator of student activities.


If interested in fundraising for the Fund for Brewster or the Fall Family Weekend auction, please contact Major Gifts Officer and Parents' Committee staff liaison Doug Kiley at 603-569-7135.