Celebrating Pride at Brewster

Celebrating Pride at Brewster
Guinevere Hilton

As Pride month comes to a close, it seems a good time to remind our community and those who are joining it in the coming school year that Brewster has been an open and inclusive community since its beginning in 1820. At the behest of founder John Brewster, the school’s original charter included the text “No restriction shall be placed upon any person desiring to attend and receive instruction from said school or academy on account of his or her age, sex, or color, provided only he or she is of good moral character.” That was fairly inclusive language for its time—a bold move that Brewster remains proud of today. Happily, with that forward-thinking start, Brewster easily expands this sentiment to include members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

There are many opportunities for LGBTQ+ students and allies to find community at Brewster. Traditionally, every Monday night the GSA+ (Gender and Sexuality Alliance Plus) meets at a faculty on-campus home for casual hangouts. Those evenings include snacks, event and advocacy planning, games, and a safe space to come together. In our new reality with pandemic protocols, the GSA+ leaders are working on ways to continue this tradition, even if it involves Zoom time!

There are also student-led affinity groups for LGBTQ+ identifying students, creating another space for them to share their experiences and to find support and friendship. In the past, there have been dances and unconference-style events throughout the year with other schools in our network—and ideas are percolating on how to have fun social time like this in a pandemic-safe way. Brewster students have the opportunity to lead in these situations and bring issues to the table that they want to illuminate. This is also a great way to extend their community.  

Our faculty, staff, and students strive to make Brewster a vibrant and celebratory community for our LGBTQ+ students—therefore creating a more inclusive and enriched community for everyone!

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