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"Brewster has allowed me to follow my passions. The community is so supportive. It has motivated me to not just be an athlete, but also pursue music and take AP classes... and become a well-rounded person."

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"I've grown as a person because experiencing both American and Chinese cultures has allowed me to have different point of views when I'm looking at the world."



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"I tried out for the musical because I was blessed with friends who encouraged stepping out of my comfort zone and would've stood tall with me no matter the outcome. It was without a doubt one of the scariest things I've ever had to do, but hands down the most fun."

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Since coming to Brewster, students Shannon Murphy ’23 and Aidan Namkoong ’23 have found the inspiration and encouragement to follow their passion in videography. The duo films, edits, and releases highlights of Brewster athletics and events on their personal social media account, which receives thousands of views per video. 

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JAKE '22

"Being a day student at a boarding school is pretty great. I love being able to get the Brewster experience and make many life-long friends on campus, while still being able to live in my own home, be in my own town, and see the friends that I have grown up with my whole life."

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"Coffee House is a school performance where anyone can come up and sing, do skits, comedy, or dance. I enjoy it because I get to showcase what I love to other people. Coffee House has pushed me to be more confident and open up more and to be more comfortable in my craft."

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"The best place on campus to watch the sunset with friends is on the Wheeler Patio. The patio overlooks the turf and the lake, and it's always a great place to watch the sun go down!"

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"Coming to Brewster and having that collaborative aspect was very new to's really unique to Brewster. It's not just you're on your own. You have a lot of support no matter what."

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"My favorite spot to hang out on campus with friends is definitely the turf. There are always people on the turf that are playing soccer, lacrosse, or even sometimes cornhole or spikeball. It is also a fun place to come and watch games on the turf with a beautiful view."

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ZOE '24

"My favorite classes are English and Spanish because the teachers make the classes engaging and you can see that they are passionate about what they do."

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"My peers and the faculty are always doing something fun in our free time, like being on the turf or open gym or a quad cup event. There is never a dull moment on campus."

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JADE '22

"My sophomore year I studied abroad in the Canary Islands. I got to be more independent in myself. There's so much more that the world has to offer to definitely opens your eyes to what else that there is."

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"At Brewster, I love Coffee House the most. For me, as I am not good at speaking English well, the Coffee House was the best place to express myself. I'm very grateful to the art faculty for setting up the place."

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"Ever since I was little I just loved playing sports and as I got older I really fell in love with Basketball because it's a team and you become like a family. It's super cool to have the opportunity to play here at such a historic school that everyone knows about."

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"At first, I thought of asking for help as a weakness, but then I realized advocacy, whether it's academic or something else, is a sign of strength and super important."

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AXEL '22

"My favorite part of Brewster is dorm life. I live with my closest friends and can always reach out to them. As a dorm, we have gone on trips to dinner or even paintball. The culture established in the dorms is very healthy and accepting. I always feel comfortable talking with other roommates or CLPs. Residential life at Brewster emphasizes a connection within dorms."

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"I am president of the Brewster Best Buddies club, which includes developing relationships with people who have intellectual developmental disabilities. I am also president of the Brewster Big Friends club, which includes holding events for faculty children on campus. It's an amazing way to give back to a community that I'm very grateful to be a part of."

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"I decided to do Field Term because it sounded like an amazing opportunity to challenge myself academically and learn in ways that I haven't before. I also wanted to get to know other people in the Brewster community that I didn't know very well. It was a challenging experience in a lot of ways, but I definitely grew a lot because of it."

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" Joining a club here was probably one of the best decisions I've made. It allowed me to be a part of something bigger than it seems, and it makes me happy to give back to the community."

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"Being a part of the hockey team allowed me to create extremely close bonds with other Brewster community members and learn how to compete, be a leader, and be a true team player."

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