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Academic Program

Every student learns how to master academic content and the skills that matter in life—curiosity, character, collaboration, and confidence. We help all understand their potential and empower them to achieve it by being inclusive of everyone’s unique talent.

Our Program

The Way Education Should Be

Visitors to Brewster frequently share with us that what they see is how intentional we are about all that we do. Our academic program has one goal – to help you be the best possible learner you can be. We achieve this by creating engaging classes where you are challenged to achieve all that you are capable of, so everything we do is designed to support you in achieving that goal.

Our teachers recognize the importance of being skilled in both the art and the science of teaching. They get to know you as a learner and really care about your success. All of our teachers are trained in our program, and they all utilize practices that research shows is most effective. When you go from one class to another, there is a level of familiarity that helps you feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Brewster’s curriculum is developmental in nature. This means that the courses in a department are linked and build your skills incrementally over time. The curriculum is also designed to meet individual needs. We do this by differentiating what we expect students to do based on who they are as learners. Thus, there is a place for you to find success in each of your classes, not just the ones in which you are strongest.


Meeting You Where You Are

We understand how important early success is to developing confidence and how critical early success and confidence are to your overall academic achievement. Therefore, our curriculum and teaching practices work to enable you to be successful and fully engaged. Classes of 10-14 students are the norm at many private schools. However, at Brewster, we believe class size alone is not enough to make a difference in your learning.

Our commitment to student-centeredness ensures that your questions guide our class discussions; your teachers understand how you learn best and differentiate their instruction to serve you most effectively, setting you up for success in all academic disciplines, not just those in which you think you are strongest.



Being Your Best Without Besting Each Other

Both experience and research have convinced us at Brewster that you learn most effectively when you are engaged with and teaching others, so at Brewster, you are asked to do just that. Look in our classrooms! The furniture tells the story of our commitment to the collaborative process. One particularly distinctive collaborative practice at Brewster is the STAD (Student Team Achievement Divisions) group. In a STAD group, you and your peers from different learning levels work together in small groups. Maybe you are preparing for a math test, and each of you is reviewing a certain kind of problem for the others. Or perhaps you have all read different articles on different aspects of an historical event, and now in your group you are highlighting the key ideas in your article for your peers. The success of the group rests on your peers’ and your ability to master material and convey it to others. Success depends on your investment in the collaborative process.



On Campus and in the Classroom

Brewster is a place where you are known as a person, challenged as an individual, and respected for your unique talents and abilities. We are particularly proud of the diversity of thinkers that strengthen our classrooms. Here you will learn about and from your classmates, and in the process of collaborating, you will learn the value of drawing together a range of individual perspectives and talents.

One of the benefits of attending a boarding school (even if you are a day student) is being able to live, study, and grow with people from all over the country and around the world. At Brewster, we understand that much of your education here happens outside the classroom in the dining hall and dormitories as you spend time with those who, in many ways, seem different than you. That time together enables you to learn about places, customs, histories, and expectations different from what you may be familiar with and will enrich your experience and better prepare you for college and beyond.




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