Moving Up Day 2022 Full of New Surprises

Moving Up Day 2022 Full of New Surprises
Suzanne Morrissey

On Monday, May 23, the Brewster community gathered for an important school tradition: the Moving Up Day ceremony. “Each year at Moving Up Day, lovingly called ‘MUD,’ we celebrate the incredible academic achievements of our students, announce leadership positions for next year, share college destinations, and literally ask our underclass students to move up to the front of the bleachers to symbolize the Class of 2022 leaving us and the Class of 2023 moving into their position as the next graduating class,” Head of School Kristy Kerin said to the crowd at the Smith Center. 

But before the ceremony begins, the MUD tradition of a processional, by class, from the Estabrook to the Smith Center showcased the bonds of friendship among students. In formal dress code, each Academic Team walked, two-by-two, to line the walkways along the path to the Smith Center, with the Class of 2022 emerging last from Estabrook. Then, as the seniors and PGs walked through the rows of their underclass classmates, high fives, applause, and hollers led them to the ceremony. Each class then followed, filling the bleachers as they were greeted by faculty and staff lining the edges of the entry way.

To kick off the ceremony, which can run about 90 minutes to two hours, Mrs. Kerin revealed the top academic honors: “This year's top post-graduate student, or First PG, graduates with a GPA of 4.33 and will attend University of California (UCLA) in the fall. Congratulations to Teshinee ‘Tinn’ Kukamjad!” She then announced that Morgan Johnson, with a two-year cumulative GPA of 4.187, has earned the Salutatorian spot. Morgan will be attending Fordham University. 

“Our 2022 Valedictorian is a Lifer and National Honor Society member who graduates with a two-year cumulative GPA of 4.221 and will attend Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Congratulations to Levi Brekke!” 

After thunderous applause for those three scholars, Academic Dean Matt Butcher and Dean of Academic Teams Kim Yau presented all the National Honor Society members and Honor Roll students with their gold tassels, to be worn at Commencement. Those students are († indicates a National Honor Society member):

† Ibrahim Al Jahwari
† Abeer Al Zadjali
† Hiba Al-Nabhani
† Emilie Alpert
Jake Apgar
Sam Bowen
† Levi Brekke
Eric Carbonneau
† Katie Carey
Brendan Carney
Juneau Chatchadanoraset
Petra Chuenarrom
Ezra Colcord
Tyler Diburro
Alexa Dorn
† Henry Dumont
Blake Flather
† Lila Glanville
† Julia Golden
Will Greenwood
Jade Hall
† Libby Harris
Dylan Hennessey
Lillian Howland
Conor Humphrey
Morgan Johnson
I-Pon Kasean
Mai Kasemsawade
† Axel Keller
Sainam Klomjoho
Riley Knott
Tin Kukamjad
Aden Lipsy
Nolan Marold
Jackson Matthews
Mitchell McQuillan
Marcus Meeks
Maddy O'Blenis
† TJ O'Keefe
Ben O'Rourke
Pat Phoompuang
Betty Rao
† Sophia Renaud
† Jaila Richard
Emily RIchman
BB Rojpanich
Ice Ronsiri
George Rumsey
Mark Saengrungkongka
Namo Samuthrsindh
Dylan Schultz
Emmett Shea
Pree Simphliphan
Bam Sindhurattavej
San Tanomkiattikun
Ploy Techapisut
Ice Thaewanarumitkul
Milo Thornton
Mac Tiarawut
Tata Tirapongprasert
Yayee Viboon
† Megan Ward
Robert Winter
† Michael Yang
Kate Zdunczyk

Timothy Cushing, Associate Director of College Counseling, then  announced all the graduates’ college destinations. In a charming moment of group think, the audience switched from applauding each graduate with a full moment of applause to a single loud clap to help move the ceremony along—bringing a smile to Mr. Cushing’s face as he read the list. 

Next up: The presentation of the Lifer pins for the 38 graduates to have spent all four of their high school years as Bobcats: 

Emilie Alpert 
Ren Amaitis
Jake Apgar
Michael Bilodeau
Levi Brekke
Caleb Brennion 
Saber Chen 
Derek Clark
Ezra Colcord 
Rocco Coschigano 
Henry Dumont
Blake Flather 
Lila Glanville
Chase Gregory 
Jade Hall
Libby Harris 
Clarissa Hayes 
Lilly Howland 
Kai Jacobs
Aimee Jin
Andy Jo 
Sean Keady
Finley Largay 
Evan Lewis
Will Lynch 
Chase Marshall 
Alyson Nagorniak 
Maddy O’Blenis 
TJ O’Keefe
Joonha Park
Courtney Quirk 
Betty Rao
Jaila Richard 
Olivia Tibbs 
Lauren Ward 
Bobby Wingard 
Michael Yang
Ethan Yohe

Mr. Butcher returned to the podium to present the Academic Awards, voted on by the entire Brewster faculty. While awards for graduates are held until the Commencement ceremony, the honors for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are given at the MUD ceremony. 

“We begin with the Myrtle Dodge Award, presented to the student whose grades and recognition scores reflect a high level of investment and good citizenship, as well as distinguished academic ability and performance,” Mr. Butcher said. “For three years, the 2022 Myrtle Dodge Award winner has been a driven and devoted student who thrived in one of our most rigorous courses of study, while also playing a major role on two varsity teams and serving the internal and external community in myriad ways. The Myrtle Dodge award winner for 2022 is Hannah Yang.” 

“The Warren P. Tyler Memorial Award is presented to the student who demonstrates self-reliance and integrity, and whose recognition scores reflect outstanding maturity, honesty, and character. This award recipient may be a student leader, but is always a person deemed most likely to become a "good citizen" adult, one who never sees obstacles but rather sees challenges. In only her first year at Brewster, our 2022 award recipient has made an impressive mark on the community, rising to each and every challenge with grace and confidence. This student holds herself to her own measure of excellence, while constantly looking to raise the bar higher. Congratulations to this year’s Warren Tyler Memorial Award winner, Paulina Trott.”

“The Dartmouth Book Award is presented each year by the English Department to the student with academic excellence who is an avid reader, writer, thinker, contributor, and collaborator. Throughout the year, this year’s winner has been steadfast in her enthusiasm for our AP English Language and Composition class. Her energy, kindness, and work ethic inspire her classmates; moreover, her presence makes our classroom a memorable and productive space. This year’s Dartmouth Book Award goes to Kellye Nguyen.” Kellye also earned the Colby College Book Prize Award, presented by the History Department to the student who commits energy and passion for social science or civic leadership and shows clear strength of character and leadership in the classroom and community. Mr. Butcher said, “This year, they have recognized a student who is exceptionally talented in so many ways, including as a historian. Drawing from her background of diverse personal and academic experiences, she is able to develop insightful connections between topics that help improve the learning experience of other students through discussions and group work. We are honored and proud to award the 2022 Colby Book Prize to Kellye Nguyen.”

The Holy Cross Book Prize Award goes to the student who demonstrates great promise and a love of languages, and who has completed an upper level language course. “Tenacious and persistent, this year’s winner brings her best self every day,” Mr. Butcher shared. “Her efforts have helped her to develop incredible skills in Spanish, and she is able to hold complex conversations and write freely in the language. She is persistently interested in learning more about Spanish and Spanish-speaking cultures, and her curiosity is inspiring. The World Language department is proud to present the Holy Cross Book Prize Award to Ana Reynolds.”

“The Brown University Book Award goes to the student who has attained excellence in the field of mathematics, who has demonstrated a willingness to help others and who possesses the same genuine desire to learn that we hope to engender in all students. This year’s recipient shows a passion to make a difference in the math program, which is evident through her investment in classes, her service as a TA in team studies, and her performance as Head Tutor for the Math Tutor Center. This year’s recipient is none other than the truly passionate and profoundly talented mathematician Hannah Yang.”

Mr. Butcher continued with the  Harvard Book Award, given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science. “This year’s recipient is 100 percent invested in exploring, understanding, and appreciating the world in which we live,” he said. “She is genuinely curious—always looking to know how, where, when, and why. For the second year in a row, the Science Department celebrates Elisha-Grace King.”

The Richardson Award is bestowed on the student who has recognized the value of utilizing the instructional support given to them, striving to improve skills and investing one’s personal best in all situations. “The 2022 recipient exemplifies everything about this award. She has a love of learning, values her learning differences, seeks out new strategies and is diligent in applying them, perseveres through difficult material, and advocates for herself and others. More importantly, she empowers other students. On her team this year, it has been inspiring to listen to her help other students understand and appreciate what it means to have a beautiful mind and how to use these differences to be successful. This year’s Richardson Award is presented to Erin Gallagher.”

The awards continued, and the crowd’s enthusiasm for each honoree did not wane a bit. 
“Brewster’s Jon Konheim Journalism Award goes to the student who exemplifies outstanding dedication to the quality of Brewster Academy’s student publications,” Mr., Butcher continued. “This year's recipient has demonstrated a level of dedication to The Brewster Browser that has not been replicated by many others in the storied history of the publication. Her love of music, pop culture, and Tom Brady has shown through in each issue. The Jon Konheim Journalism Award goes this year to the Browser’s very own GOAT editor Julia Golden.”

“The William J. Britton-Dorothy Coyle Award goes to the student who has shown exemplary commitment to and involvement in one or more of the performing arts while at Brewster Academy. This year’s awardee is always ready to make a choice and commit to it when it comes to performing! She is creative, willing to take risks, and always ready to cheer on her fellow performers. The Performing Arts Department says it has been a pleasure working with this year’s honoree, and is so excited for one more year with her. Congratulations to Sylvie Skibicki.”

“The Albert S. Munnis Visual Arts Award is given to the student who is self-motivated and goal- oriented, who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the visual arts and continued growth and development as an artist. The recipient of this award has been a passionate supporter of the arts, and throughout her four years at Brewster she has quietly worked on her artistic talents both inside and outside the classroom. This student is talented beyond words in so many ways, and she always pushes herself to explore new forms of expression. It is with great pride that we award the Albert S. Munnis Award to Lila Glanville!”

Mr. Butcher concluded with the Lives of Purpose Award,  for the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade student who has made significant contributions to their school and community through their time, actions, talents, and dedication. “It’s been an absolute joy and honor to know this year’s recipient and the impact she has made at Brewster,” he said. “She is the real deal when it comes to community service. She doesn’t merely serve to help others, she’s genuinely driven to make change for the better. A group of math faculty can attest to her maturity and care in attending a department meeting to share insight on how to better help students in the Math Tutor Center program. Despite an intense academic schedule, this candidate has always made time to participate in community service. We are excited to see what the future holds for this award winner. Congratulations, Hannah Yang.”

At this point, Hannah’s proud brother, Michael Yang ‘22, bolted out from his seat in the bleachers to give his sis a big hug! One of the many great moments of the day!

Fine Arts faculty member Steve Burgess then made an announcement about a new honor and tradition being started this year. “In celebration of our students' technical talents in the arts, Brewster is starting a permanent gallery. Each year, one piece that exemplifies exceptionalism in artisanship and creativity will be inducted into this permanent collection. This year we have selected a piece that not only celebrates the opening of our new arts and student center in the Rogers Building, but also demonstrates extraordinary creativity in process and perfectionism in craft. Congratulations to Julia Golden, for being our inaugural inductee into the Brewster Arts Gallery of Excellence.” With that, he unveiled Julia’s framed photo. 

Next, Mrs. Kerin announced that Henry Dumont received a $1,000 scholarship from the Wolfeboro Rotary Club, who bestow this award on Wolfeboro students who embody the Rotary motto of "service above self." 

Following the student awards, Mrs. Kerin recognized employee milestone anniversaries, noting that it was very special to celebrate all of these devoted faculty and dedicated staff as a community, for each of them contribute to the life of Brewster in important ways:

5 years of service:
Kyle Williams, our wonderful Waterfront Manager and member of the Buildings and Grounds team
Maeve Connolly, History Faculty member and proud Brewster graduate
Lee Ann Hendrickson, Advancement Data Specialist and proud Brewster parent

10 years of service: 
Amanda Belanger, one of our wonderful Health Center nurses
Karl Edmonds, Community Life Parent in Main Street Dorm
Maureen Edmonds, our Dean of Students
Carrie MacDonald, Director of Student Health Services
Jonathan Browher, History Faculty member and leader of the outdoor skills program.

15 years of service:
Allie Cooper, Assistant Dean of Students and leader of our social-emotional learning program, student leadership, student activities. She also serves as a health coach and spinning instructor. She’s deeply appreciated by students, particularly those she lives adjacent to in Toad Hall.

Susan Carlson is our Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist, and began as a billing clerk in the Business office but quickly took on more responsibility across our Finance operations due to her exceptional skill set. 

Margaret Enos, our Registrar, served for six years as an administrative assistant in the IS department before she moved into the Registrar role, where she carefully manages student registration, course placement, and grade reports, and continues to support alumni long after they graduate with transcript requests. 

20 years of service: 
Academic Dean Matt Butcher began as an English teacher, and has steadily taken on ever-increasing responsibility as department chair, dean of the lower school, and Academic Dean. He is head coach of the girls’ varsity soccer team, and during his tenure, the team has had 15 league and six New England championships. He was named NSCAA NH Prep School Coach of the Year in 2016 and in 2011 he was the Regional Prep School Coach of the Year. He has also won both the Career Growth and Excellence in Teaching awards at Brewster. Next year, with the retirement of Raylene Davis, he will be taking on co-leadership of our academic programs alongside Dr. Marta Filip-Fouser.

Kim Yau, our Dean of Academic Teams, started here as an Instructional Support teacher. She was previously a head of department in New Zealand, a Deputy Head of House in England, and served as a university lecturer and researcher. Throughout her 20 years at Brewster, she has held roles of teacher, mentor, head coach, team leader, dean of upper and lower schools, and next year she will be moving into the role of Director of Institutional Strategy. We’re pleased that she’ll also continue to serve as a dean, IS teacher, and coach. In 2003, Ms. Yau received the Arthur Morris Kenison Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching and she became a master teacher in 2005. She served as head coach of the field hockey program for 16 seasons, earning numerous NEPSAC and Lakes Region Championships. In 2015, Ms. Yau’s 2004 varsity field hockey team was inducted into the Brewster Hall of Fame. This year, she took on a new challenge, serving as an assistant coach with our crew program. 

Janis Cornwell, a Team Leader and IS faculty member, Ms. Cornwell is a native of Wolfeboro and came to Brewster in 2001. Prior to Brewster, Ms. Cornwell was a varsity field hockey coach and head JV coach at Plymouth State College, and worked in human resources and business administration. She is a two-time recipient of the Brewster Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. A teacher may only receive the award once every ten years, and Ms. Cornwell received it in 2006 and 2016. She serves as a sophomore team leader, and previously coached varsity field hockey and JV girls’ lacrosse. Ms. Cornwell holds certificates for Coaching Children and Teens with ADHD. 

25 years of service:
Elaine Hazeltine, HR/Benefits Specialist. A native of Wolfeboro she came to Brewster Academy in 1996. Prior to Brewster worked for 20 years for Wolfeboro Oil Company, having a hand in seemingly all aspects of business administration and operations. Over the course of her Brewster Academy years Elaine has held positions as Business Office Administrative Assistant, Assistant Business Manager, Business Services Coordinator, Business Services Manager, and HR Benefits Specialist. She is incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and helps our faculty and staff with a range of human resources and benefits questions and needs. Thank you, Elaine, for 25 wonderful years, and here’s to more to come! 
Mrs. Kerin then acknowledged three individuals who will be retiring this year after extended service to Brewster. 

First, Ms. Gail Dietzer. “Gail has spent her 15 + years of service to Brewster in support of our students as a nurse in our health center,” Mrs. Kerin said. “Gail was instrumental during the pandemic working tirelessly to support the school and provide care to our students. She helped arrange vaccine clinics here on campus for students and adults, managing countless details. For years, Ms. Dietzer spent summers helping provide healthcare for summer programs.” She noted that thankfully, she will not be leaving us completely, as she will continue to see to the health of our students as a per diem nurse. 

“Next, my good friend and devoted educator, Ms. Raylene Davis,” she continued. Ms. Davis joined Brewster 25 years ago as an ESL teacher, showing a strength in leadership and moving into her role as department chair. “Raylene has always been committed to staying on top of emerging best practices in education, a quality that won her the Career Growth Award in 1998 and the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005. Uniquely, Ms. Davis’s commitment to Brewster extended into the summer months when she served as Director of Summer Programs,” Mrs. Kerin said. In 2017, she was promoted to Assistant Head of School for Academics, taking on responsibility for overseeing Brewster’s academic program. She has traveled frequently on behalf of admissions and advancement, and maintains close connections with a vast network of alumni. She has always had a commitment to ensuring that international students feel fully included and served in their Brewster experience. An international transplant herself from Australia, Ms. Davis understood the value in making the extra effort to make those traveling from so far away feel more at home in this new country and community.  Mrs. Kerin noted that Raylene’s two sons, Scott and Paul Algate, graduated from Brewster in 2005 and 2007. 

“Today, I’d like to make a special announcement,” she said, causing an anticipatory hush across the audience. “In recognition of Ms. Davis’s deep devotion to faculty growth, going forward, faculty professional development funds at Brewster will carry her name, as the Raylene Davis Faculty Professional Development Funds. Faculty will be able to apply each year for ‘Davis Funds’ to further their professional learning and growth, and we hope to continue to grow these funds each year. Congratulations, and on behalf of everyone at Brewster, thank you, Raylene. Your kindness, empathy, commitment to excellence, and fantastic sense of humor will be greatly missed. We wish you the very best as you make your move to sunny Florida and have more opportunities to travel and see your family, children, and grandchild.  Let’s hear it for Ms. Davis!” This garnered a standing ovation led by faculty and staff. 

Finally, the program turned to retiring Associate Director of Athletics Kate Turner, who leaves Brewster after an incredible 35 years. Ms. Turner began as Assistant Athletic Director in 1986, and she started the field hockey program at Brewster in that same year. Throughout Ms. Turner’s years at Brewster, when not sharing in the responsibility of oversight of our athletics programs, she has coached alpine skiing, lacrosse, JV tennis, field hockey and is currently the assistant JV field hockey coach. Ms. Turner served on the NEPSAC Board for over 20 years and was the recipient of the NEPSAC Distinguished Service Award in 2016/17. Ms. Turner is the parent of alum Peter Elkins, who graduated in the Class of 1990. 

And then, Mrs. Kerin made a second surprise announcement, and again a hush fell across the Smith Center. “Going forward,” Mrs. Kerin said, “the annual Athletic Director’s Award will be named in honor of Kate Turner, as the Kate Turner Athletic Director’s Award. Thank you, Kate, for your incredible years of dedicated service to Brewster athletics. Though you are retiring, we hope to see you on the sidelines of Brewster competitions and at events for many years to come.” And again, thunderous applause and a standing ovation rose across the gym.

Allie Cooper then took center stage to announce all the new leadership positions, including those on our publication teams and our Gold Key appointments. “Each of these students is invested in helping create a positive Brewster experience not just for themselves,” she said, “but for their peers as well. They will have responsibilities in the coming school year that will make our community strong, inclusive, informed, and enjoyable for us all.”

The leaders for the Sophomore Class are:
Lauren Christy
Logan Cliche
Savannah Coffey
Reese Cronin
Mason Dawkins
Randall Preston

Prefects for Sophomore Year are:
Maverick Bennett
Abby Brodney
Luce Colcord
Charisse Darsaw

The Junior Class Leaders are:
Liam Fahey
Zoe Hausler
Jacob Kunkel
Linzy Roberson
Paulina Trott

Prefects for Junior Year are:
Ben Collins
Maggie Doyle
Ellery Gnazzo
Patrick Rae

Senior Class Leaders are:
Omar Al Murazaa Ba Abood
Elle Brekke
Will Budnik
Liam Carey
Josh de Beer
Noelle De Magistris
Andy do Carmo
Erin Gallagher
Nevin Ibroci
Abby Jarvi
Dalton Kane
Makenzie Kavanagh
Kellye Nguyen
Angelina Lewis
Frank Lou
Nora McCabe
Aidan Namkoong
Ana Reynolds
Sylvie Skibicki
Meghan Shippos
Zoe Tamborello
Darren Wang
Hannah Yang

And the two new Senior Prefects are:
Annie Perry 
Delphine Tamborello

The Head Tour Guides for next year will be 
Hannah Yang and Delphine Tamborello as returning members and 
Liam Carey and Maggie Doyle as two new members. 

The staff of the Brewster Browser next year will be
Editor in chief: Elisha-Grace King 
Managing editor: Zoe Hausler 
News editor: Charlotte George
Features editor: Liam Fahey

For Outcroppings, our literary magazine, the staff will be
Editor in chief: Sylvie Skibicki
Managing Editor: Liam Fahey
Art Editor: Zak Maxey
For The Winnipesaukean, Brewster’s yearbook, the editor will be Gracie Mouradian.

As is part of the MUD ceremony’s closing traditions, the current school leaders, Katie Carey and Ezra Colcord, passed the gavel to the new senior prefects, Annie Perry and Delphine Tamborello. They also held up the class flag for the rising juniors, the Class of 2023.

Next, Winnipesaukean editor Gracie Mouradian announced the yearbook dedication to Kate Turner.  “Ms. Turner is best known for her avid support of the JV athletic program,” she said. “She has an incredible ability to encourage kids to create unforgettable memories while testing out new sports. … Ms. Turner, we could never thank you enough for the years of dedication in ensuring we all find a fulfilling experience here at Brewster, and we hope to continue to see you on our sidelines as you move into a well-deserved retirement. Please join us on stage to receive the very first copy of this year’s Winnipesaukean.”

And finally it was time for dismissal, a special moment for the MUD event: “All of you—our students, our staff, and our faculty— have so much to be proud of as we close out this school year,” Mrs. Kerin said. “And now, it is my honor to end our ceremony with the tradition that gives Moving Up Day its name. Seniors and Postgraduates, for the last time, you are dismissed. Juniors, please MOVE UP to the front of the bleachers to take your place as Seniors. Sophomores, please move to the junior rows. And finally Freshmen, please move to the sophomore rows!” 

With that, another Moving Up Day ceremony came to an end and students had another memory to tuck away of a wonderful Brewster tradition.

See more of the MUD photo album here.

Watch the event recording here

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